I’m Lynn Abaté-Johnson

Global Business Consultant

Digital Marketing Strategist

I specialize in building communities of customers, on and off line.


How I Can Serve You

Building community around conscious brands is like breathing to me. I can help you:

  • Understand and clarify your platform, 
  • Create a thriving community, and 
  • Grow your business through influence and human connections.
  • Generate loyalty and trust, building relationships OVER TIME, with patience, persistence, and positivity.





Latest Articles

Hashtags, Earthquakes, And Everyday People

I really like this blog post, where I was a guest on my friend and coach, Bryan Kramer’s blog. Whenever I think of it, or re-read it, it brings back great memories of my former home in Wellington, New Zealand, and of meeting new friends there, back in November of...

How To Keep Your Best Clients Happy

Referrals is a good indicator of client satisfaction as your customers will not refer you if they are not happy. If they return to do more business with you, then that is another indication.

“Lynn is very focused, direct, tenacious, and intensely goal-driven, while remaining extremely human in her capacity as our Lead Online Community Builder.”

~ Courtney Smith Kramer, Global Head Of Marketing, CTI

“I’ve worked with Lynn on and off for the past 22+ years. She is an amazing talent. Her marketing acumen is outstanding and her passion and organizational skills are superb.”

~ Lucas Putnam, Wellington New Zealand, Director, La Boca Loca, Ltd.

“Lynn is the definition of a go-getter. She is extremely proactive and is always going above and beyond to get the best results. She is very passionate about her work and puts her all in representing a company.”

~ Sara Roohparvar, Data Science Recruiter at Facebook

If we don’t already know each other, let’s hop on a call to learn more. Schedule a quick discovery call with me here: