What can I do for you?

Here are the ways we can work together:

Digital Business Assessment


Written overview of your online business reputation; a “snapshot” of where you are now from the perspective of your audience, along with actionable steps for growth.

Community Building

Building community around conscious brands is like breathing to me. I can help you:

  • Build your community.
  • Make better business choices, resulting in increased profits.
  • Take your brand from local to global, to increase new customer referrals.
  • Build new relationships and bring in new customers through social media.
  • I find the things most businesses overlook, and help fix them. I can help you do the same.

    Speaking and Workshops

  • I love teaching and talking about how to build community around conscious brands.
  • I create unique, experiential workshops and innovative speaking programs that generate an environment for anyone to be able to build their own community.