If you don’t already know this dynamic duo, leadership and creative marketing geniuses, Courtney Smith Kramer and Bryan Kramer, I highly recommend you follow them, and perhaps join their private membership #H2H Club.

These relationships have changed my life for the better, in ways too numerous to count.
And  – BONUS!
They invited me to discuss one of my all-time favorite subjects on a live interview, which you will see here:

In this conversation, I touch on these core concepts necessary for keeping your best clients happy:

    • How the people, especially your customers, should be at the center of your business
    • The importance of building a solid public reputation especially in social media
    • How to assess your clients’ level of satisfaction or happiness with your business
    • How referrals and returning clients are good indicators of customer satisfaction
    • How to keep clients happy in the traditional way and via the online world
    • How the first contact with clients, accessibility, and maintaining a relatively personal-vulnerable relationship are crucial in helping them trust your business
    • How to find the right clients to keep at the start of a potential business relationship

I hope you get value from this conversation. I’d love to see your comments here, suggesting things we may have missed in the relatively short time we had together. Thank you for joining me here today.

Originally appeared on Bryan Kramer’s blog here.