I really like this blog post, where I was a guest on my friend and coach, Bryan Kramer’s blog.

Whenever I think of it, or re-read it, it brings back great memories of my former home in Wellington, New Zealand, and of meeting new friends there, back in November of 2016.

And yes, it’s a story of hashtags, earthquakes, and (you guessed it) everyday people.

Fortunately, prior to that trip to New Zealand, I connected online with André Archimbaud, who I have enjoyed getting to know over the years, and who I look forward to meeting in person one day.

He is responsible for….well, read the post and see for yourself.

It’s a happy and weird tale, to be sure.

I hope you enjoy and can relate on some level.

Tell me if you can, or even if you cannot. I am curious.

Please let me know here in the comments, what YOU do in times of great duress, including life-and-death circumstances.

Oh, and P.S. ~

If you are stuck or simply ready to catapult your life to another level, I would be remiss if I didn’t highly recommend Bryan Kramer as your Coach.

It’s the best investment I’ve made in my life and business in years. And that’s saying a lot!

(Not an ad, and no compensation is received for referring. It’s just because I care about other humans getting the same “leg up” as I have over this past many years)

Originally appeared here on Bryan Kramer’s blog.