A while back, then Cloud Peeps blogger, now brand writer for Splice, Shannon Byrne, included me in a collaborative piece she wrote about how professionals are landing gigs these days without a traditional resume.

 I jumped at the chance, especially since I have done just that, many times.

Forever Grateful

I’m so appreciative whenever someone includes me in their posts because it means that they trust me to represent them well.

Here’s the link to that post on the CloudPeeps blog.
It’s an interesting overview from many unique perspectives.
I actually learned plenty from the other contributors.

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This piece shows how anyone can shine if they use Social Media in a positive manner, uniquely, and creatively. From the Comedic Writer and Performer to a PR Pro there are plenty of opportunities to be found online[/ctt]


This is one reason I strongly advise clients and friends alike to pay attention to their personal brands on the socials, even if they are working for someone else at any given moment. I learned this lesson the hard way, when I devoted two years of my working life to a Silicon Valley startup, and ignored my personal brand. But that’s fodder for a different post.

Please add your voice to the comments here, and tell us if you have any examples of  how you landed a job using social media as your CV/resume.

 Thank you for stopping by.

 Originally appeared on the CloudPeeps blog here.