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The Road To Growth Podcast

Being so close to my own journey, it has been quite challenging to uncover what was always right here inside me all along. Sometimes we need a good “sounding board” to reveal what matters in life.

Hashtags, Earthquakes, And Everyday People

I really like this blog post, where I was a guest on my friend and coach, Bryan Kramer’s blog. Whenever I think of it, or re-read it, it brings back great memories of my former home in Wellington, New Zealand, and of meeting new friends there, back in November of...

How To Keep Your Best Clients Happy

Referrals is a good indicator of client satisfaction as your customers will not refer you if they are not happy. If they return to do more business with you, then that is another indication.


 It’s entitled, “The End Of The Resume: How 5 Professionals Landed Dream Jobs From Social Media” A while back, then Cloud Peeps blogger, now brand writer for Splice, Shannon Byrne, included me in a collaborative piece she wrote about how professionals are landing gigs...

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to my new, fresh blog! Here’s a “catch-up” about what’s been happening since the last time i posted, and where we are taking it from here. In 2017, monumental changes took place in my business. Realizing I could not keep up the status quo, I was forced to...